Dentorama a-creme. Studies show that dentists wash their hand average 50 times a day. Consequently dry and soar hands is a great problem. Dentorama A-creme provides the solution! Enriched with vitamin A and special multi-action ingredients, this exclusive blend moisturises the skin and makes the hands soft and smooth. The unique formula heals cracked cuticles and rashes. Contains no additives or perfume. Dermatologist-tested.

Panorama - high copper/low silver dental alloy. Consists of lathe-cut micro fine non-spherical particles, which guarantees that the amalgam is not disposed in layers. Panorama is a blend of silver, copper and tin with high copper content. Panorama amalgam is easy to use when condensing, inserting, carving and modelling. Our alloy is in full compliance with ADA, ISO specifications and approved by NIOM. Content: Ag 48%, Cu 21,3%, Sn 28,7%, Hg 2% (pre-amalgated).