Dentorama swedish saliva ejectors. Superior quality flexible saliva ejector with affixed tip. Our saliva ejector is easy to bend to any shape, with excellent maintenance of the required angle. The copper-plated iron wire stays in place and is moulded into the wall of the tube, it does not flip out when saliva ejector is bended. Made of non-toxic PVC-plastic.

Dentorama disposable dental needles. Super sharp, tribeveled lancet point. Double-action durable silicone coating of the stainless steel tube for increased patient comfort. A wide variety of diameters and lenghts meeting the requirements of different types of anaesthesias. Colour coded pre-threaded plastic hubs with metric (European) or imperial (American) threading.

Dentorama towels/bibs. Our towels are the ultimate in quality. Made from Swedish virgin cellulose fibres in different sizes and styles. Available in 2-ply white paper with poly-back. This towel is the maximum in absorbency. In addition we supply single ply paper towels in white, blue or green. Our 1-ply blue paper bib with polyback is longer for increased patient protection. A special towel with stand-out pocket and pre-cut neck ties is also available. Unbleached paper. The poly-back material acts as a complete barrier for fluid penetration.

Dentorama disposable facemasks. Supplied in both cup-shaped and 3-ply ear-loop models. our facemasks are the ultimate in comfort without irritation. Both masks are held in place at the nose portion by a pliable metal band to provide a comfortable fit yet facilitate normal breathing. These facemasks provide excellent respiratory protection, they are highly fluid resistant, soft and gentle to the skin. Very high particle filtration efficiency.