Dentorama gold plated & titanium screw posts. The 24K gold plated screw posts are available in both cylindrical and conical shape. Available in 6 sizes 1-6 and 4 lenghts, S (8 mm.), M (9,5 mm.), L (12 mm.), and XL (14 mm.). The titanium posts are completely tissue compatible, corrosion resistant and produce no chemical reaction in the human body. Both type of posts provide superior mechanical retention in the canal.

Dentorama carbon fibre post. Carbon fibre is a very strong, almost unbreakable material which has nearly the same elasticity as dentine to absorb any occlusal stress. The cylindrical, smooth post consists of braided carbon fibre bundles reinforced in epoxy resin. A braided bundle with the its multiaxial build-up gives better resistance to bending and torsion forces than an ordinary axially parallel bundle. The carbon fibre post chemically binds with the dental composite used for cementing and core build-up.

And this is not all. Our glass fibre posts add to the aesthetic results as the material does not show through the dentine.